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Bangkok Floating Market Tours | Explore Thai Culture & Cuisine

Experience the best of Thailand’s culture and food traditions with Thrillophilia’s Bangkok Floating Market Tour. Designed by expert professionals, our packages promise to cater to all your preferences and needs. Be it fun trips with friends, family vacations, or romantic getaways, Thrillophilia’s tours are perfect for every itinerary. Choose from one of our predesigned tour options or customise one based on your bucket list for an unforgettable experience.

Floating markets are among the most enduring attractions around Bangkok that have existed for decades. They represent the traditional style of shopping in Thailand, where vendors sell fresh produce straight from farms and gardens. Many floating markets, such as Muang Boran and Bang Nok Kwaek, offer glimpses into Thai heritage and ancient local traditions. The Bangkok Floating Market Tour price includes an English-speaking guide, who will help you navigate through the shops and give insight into local practices. A trip to Bangkok is incomplete without visiting these markets, which are incredibly famous for their stunning variety of authentic Thai dishes. From seafood delicacies like snakehead fish and shrimp to Thai classics like rice noodles and Pad Thai, every traditional Thai dish is found here. You can also shop for Thai handicrafts, spices, and unique souvenirs as you explore the markets on the iconic long-tailed boats.

What to Expect in Your Bangkok Waterfront Experience


  • Buy your Bangkok Floating Market Tour tickets online and experience stress-free travelling through Thailand’s most famous marketplaces.
  • Discover the beauty of Thai cultural traditions and taste mouthwatering seafood and other local delicacies during the eight-hour tour.
  • Start your day in the early morning hours with pickup from a designated area in Bangkok and drop off at the first market.
  • Enjoy the iconic long-tailed boat ride across the canals of the floating markets and learn fascinating details from an English-speaking guide.
  • Shop for farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers along with Thai handicrafts and souvenirs from vendors, stalls, and shops.
  • Try authentic Thai cuisine delicacies like fish, shrimp, and vegetable dishes prepared with local spices at the numerous eateries.
  • Head to the next market and learn about the intricate cultural diversity of the floating markets and the lifestyle of the locals.
  • Click lots of pictures with your loved ones and wrap up the tour by afternoon with a drop-off to the designated destination.


  • Roundtrip transfers in air-conditioned minibus
  • Admission to attractions
  • Boat riding at the floating market
  • Chinese or English-speaking guide throughout the tour.

Confirmation Policy 

  • On successful booking of your preferred tour, you will receive a confirmation voucher via email within 1 business hour.
  • If the preferred slot is unavailable, an alternate slot will be arranged based on your preference and a new confirmation voucher will be sent through email.


  • If you cancel the booking before confirmation, you are entitled for a full refund.
  • For cancellations done on the travel date or 1 day before the travel date, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.

Why Book Bangkok Floating Market Tour with us?

Booking the floating markets of Bangkok tour with Thrillophilia has many advantages for those who wish to explore the markets at leisure.

  • Convenience - Buying your tickets online from our website is incredibly convenient as you can get the best prices from the comfort of your home. You can easily avoid waiting in queues and last-minute hassles when you book your tickets online.
  • Time Efficiency - Save precious time before and during your Bangkok Floating Market Tour by booking with us. Online bookings let you skip queues and get your tickets in the span of a few minutes.
  • 24/7 Support - Our website and team are available for bookings and queries at all hours on all days. Choose your preferred packages or get your doubts cleared from anywhere at any time with our dedicated support system.
  • Flexibility - Thrillophilia’s packages allow you to choose your tour dates and timings based on your convenience and travel plans. You can also customise our predesigned packages based on your preferences and interests.
  • Effortless Booking - Our website is incredibly user-friendly, which allows you to browse through packages and make quick and secure payments.

So, get your Bangkok Floating Market Tour tickets from Thrillophilia and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience with your friends and family.

Things to remember before The Bangkok Floating Market Tour

  • For the best Floating Market Tour in Bangkok, start off in the early morning hours when the weather is pleasant and the vendors are plenty.

  • Take along an English-speaking guide who knows the local language for a better understanding of local traditions and good bargains.

  • These markets are known for their authentic local products and souvenirs like handicrafts, so remember to buy some during the tour.

  • Carry along a small umbrella for sun and rain protection during the boat ride of the markets.

  • The eateries at Bangkok’s floating markets sell some of the best local delicacies, which are a must-try during your Thailand vacation.

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Best Floating Markets in Bangkok

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Indulge in the beauty of authentic Thai cultural traditions at Khlong Lat Mayom during the Bangkok Floating Market tour. The market lies around 20 kilometres away from the main city and is famous among locals for its farm-fresh groceries and seafood. You must try the delicious local dishes like snakehead fish and shrimp at the food stalls here while learning about Thai culture here.

Location - Bang Ramat Rd, Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Bangkok

Timings - Saturday-Sunday: 7 AM to 5 PM

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Taling Chan Floating Market

Visit one of the busiest marketplaces in Thailand at Taling Chan during the Floating Market Tour. The best part of the boat ride experience is that you get to taste mouthwatering local dishes like BBQ grilled fish and prawns. You can also try other local dishes and shop for beautiful Thai handicrafts, souvenirs, and fresh fruits and flowers during your tour here.

Location - 333 Chak Phra Rd, Khlong Chak Phra, Taling Chan, Bangkok

Timings - Saturday-Sunday: 7:30 AM to 6 PM

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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Hop on one of the iconic long-tail boats and enjoy the Bangkok Floating Market Tour across the famous Damnoen Saduak. The market is a stunning blend of colours in the early mornings when fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables are brought here. Shop for fresh local produce and explore the nearby canals for a glimpse into Thai cultural traditions and daily lifestyle during your visit.

Location - Damnoen Saduak, Damneon Saduak District, Ratchaburi 

Timings - 8 AM to 4 PM on all days

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Amphawa Floating Market

Discover a unique side of Thai cuisine and culture at Amphawa during the Bangkok Floating Market Tour. The iconic market is best seen at night when fireflies light up the skies above the colourful shops. Try never-seen-before dishes like the helmet crab egg salad as you sit on wooden tables at local eateries. You can also shop for local handicrafts and beautiful souvenirs here.

Location - 4 Chothamrang Rd, Amphawa, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram

Timings - Friday-Sunday: 2 PM to 8 PM

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Tha Kha Floating Market

If you are looking for a small yet authentic space for your Floating Market Tour, Tha Kha is perfect for you. The market lies along the Amphawa Canal and is lined with colourful shops decorated with stunning tropical flowers. This is one of the rare places near Bangkok where you can witness the traditional lifestyle of locals. When you are here, remember to try local delicacies made from fresh green vegetables and prawns.

Location - Tha Kha, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram

Timings - Saturday-Sunday: 6 AM to 2 PM

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Bang Nok Kwaek Floating Market

Step into the vintage world of Bang Nok Kwaek for a quiet escape during the Bangkok Floating Market Tour. The market dates back a century and still has the ruins of an old trading port. It is known for its peaceful boat rides amidst low crowds and an unmatched old-world charm. During your visit, you can also taste authentic Thai dishes that date back centuries and are rarely found anywhere else.

Location - Bang Nok Kwaek, Bang Konthi District, Samut Songkhram

Timings - Saturday-Sunday: 9 AM to 4 PM

Muang Boran Floating Market

If you seek a relaxed morning with the Bangkok Floating Market Tour, you can choose to visit Muang Boran. The market opens at 9 AM and sees fewer crowds, which makes the tour a comfortable yet exciting experience for visitors. The best part of the market is its open-air museum where you can see replicas of Thailand’s famous landmarks. 

Location - Sukhumvit Rd, Bang Pu Mai, Mueang Samut Prakan District, Samut Prakan

Timings - 9 AM to 7 PM on all days

Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market

An endless range of fresh Thai delicacies and snacks await at Bang Khu Wiang, a stunning traditional market near Bangkok. As you ride a boat along the Chang Pier River, you enter the beautiful market lined with old shops and stalls. You can also try mouthwatering dishes prepared from farm-fresh groceries and authentic local spices during your Floating Market Tour here.

Location - Si Phraya, Bang Rok, Bangkok

Timings - 4 AM to 7 PM on all days

Kwan Riam

Participate in colourful local traditions centred around spirituality during your visit to the Kwan Riam Floating Market on the outskirts of Bangkok. This centrally-located market is popular among locals, who give offerings and alms to monks on special occasions here. The best part of exploring Kwan Riam is tasting an endless range of Thai dishes that are prepared from fresh produce based on authentic recipes.

Location - 45 Ramkhamhaeng 185 Alley, Min Buri, Bangkok

Timings - Saturday-Sunday: 7 AM to 5 PM

Bang Khla

Enjoy an offbeat experience with the Bangkok Floating Market Tour as you explore Bang Khla's rural charm. The market is famous for its high-quality farm-fresh mangoes and eateries that sell a wide range of authentic Thai sweets and desserts. You can also taste a vast variety of farm-fresh dishes and seafood delicacies at the local eateries here.

Location - Thetsaban Phatthana 1 Alley, Bang Khla, Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao

Timings - Monday-Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM; Saturday-Sunday: 9 AM to 4 PM.

Know Before You Go Bangkok Floating Market

Essential Information
Travelers Tips

Best time to Visit: The best time to visit Bangkok's floating markets is in the early morning hours. The period between 8 AM to 10 AM is when the markets open and are filled with vendors. This is the best time to shop for fresh produce that comes straight from farms and explore all the stalls and shops. 

The best Bangkok Floating Market Tour can be experienced in November to February. This period sees cool weather and low temperatures ranging between 23 degrees and 34 degrees Celsius. Such comfortable weather lets you explore the markets at leisure and shop to your heart’s content.

Duration of the Bangkok Floating Market Tour: You can expect to spend around 6 hours exploring the two major floating markets - Damnoen Saduak & Maeklong Railway Market included in our Bangkok Floating Market Tour.

  • Discover the charm of smaller, less-crowded markets like Tha-Ka for a more tranquil experience, offering a refreshing contrast to the bustling nature of popular markets.

  • Consider going with a local guide for a more personalized and comfortable experience. Platforms like TakeMeTour can connect you with locals, adding a layer of ease and insight to your visit.

  • Floating markets are a food lover's paradise. Come with an empty stomach to fully enjoy the array of local dishes. A local guide can help you navigate the variety and introduce you to unique specialties.

  • Reduce waste by bringing a reusable straw and shopping bag. In a country where waste management can be challenging, these items can help minimize your environmental impact during the visit.

  • Familiarize yourself with general price ranges in Bangkok beforehand. This knowledge will enable you to identify good deals at the floating markets, ensuring you make the most of your market experience.

FAQ's for Bangkok Floating Market Tours

Is the floating market in Bangkok worth it?

Yes, definitely. The floating markets in Bangkok are a unique blend of Thai culture, bustling market activities, and delicious street food. You can wander through the canals in long tail boats and enjoy a memorable shopping experience buying fresh fruits and traditional Thai clothing and savouring Thai food items.

What is the best time to visit the Bangkok floating market?

The best time to visit the floating markets in Bangkok is during the winter months November to February. During the months, the temperatures are cool and pleasant with little chances of rainfall. Hence, you can comfortably explore the floating markets in Bangkok during these months.

What is the duration of the Bangkok Floating Market Tour?

You can expect to spend around 6 hours exploring the two major floating markets - Damnoen Saduak & Maeklong Railway Market included in our Bangkok Floating Market Tour.

What are the inclusions in the Bangkok Floating Market tour?

Our Bangkok Floating Market package is inclusive of roundtrip transfers in air-conditioned minibus, boat riding at the floating market, and a Chinese or English-speaking tour guide.

Can I cancel or amend the booking?

Yes, you can cancel or amend the booking. If you cancel the booking before confirmation, you are entitled to a full refund and if you cancel the confirmed booking on the travel date or 1 day before the travel date, 100% of the total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees. To amend the booking, you can get in touch with our customer support and they will help you.

How do I reach the Bangkok Floating Market?

Our Bangkok Floating Market tour packages are inclusive of Roundtrip transfers in Air-conditioned minibus from Siam Paragon Mall Gate 1 ground floor. If you want to reach the market by yourselves, booking a cab is the most convenient way.

Can I take photos during the Bangkok Floating Market Tour?

Yes, definitely. The floating markets in Bangkok are lively spots with colourful boats piled high with exotic fruits and handmade crafts. You can snap photos of longtail boats sailing through the canals, sunlight dancing on the water, and candid pictures of yourselves to freeze your Bangkok memories.

Are there any age restrictions for children on the tour?

No, there are no age restrictions for children to participate in the tours. The tour is open for kids from 0 years.

What can I buy at the Bangkok Floating Market?

You can buy fresh tropical fruits, exotic fruits, traditional Thai clothing and Thai straw hats, handwoven fabrics, scarves, handmade soaps, spices and herbs. When it comes to street food items, you can buy pad Thai, rice noodle soup, and mango sticky rice.


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